We are very glad we had our wedding filmed. In fact we have now been converted from people that did not want the day filmed to encouraging all the couples we know getting married to film it if their budget can stretch to it.

You were very polite and friendly and not at all pushy or ‘in the way’. In fact we were impressed by the fact we lost track of time and the first dance was a bit later than we had said and it was not until a guest reminded us that we needed to do one that we realized what the time was. It was nice not to be hassled despite this lapse of time – we have heard that other videographers have left when their contract time was up or got ‘stroppy’ when things ran over. Our wedding film was amazing, tear jerking and funny. I have watched it a million times and it is just as well these things are now on DVD since I would have worn out a VHS tape by now!! All my friends love it. The montage is a fantastic touch to summarise the day. I honestly look back and wonder how on earth we achieved such a brilliant day and it is truly wonderful to have that captured on film as well as photographs.  Thank you very much for the excellent service you have provided, right from the beginning to end.  We are immensely grateful for the effort and time put into making a permanent visual memory for us.