You have set a date and chosen your venue the next and possibly most important decision you need to make is which photographer to use.  These days there are many options available with numerous different styles of photography to choose from.
If you are considering having your wedding filmed your choice of photographer becomes very important as choosing an inexperienced photographer can impact on the quality of your wedding film.
We are highly professional, amenable  and always are polite and courteous to whoever we end up working with but I cannot stress the importance of choosing a professional and if you are booking us it is a very good idea to book a photographer that we have worked with before.
Over the years we have seen family friends who kindly offered to take the pictures suddenly panic as they realise what a huge task they have taken on and not only miss crucial shots but also realise they are not able to participate in the day as a guest as there is simply too much to do!
We have also worked with  photographers that have delayed the proceedings considerably due to inexperience and some that have missed so many shots that the couples have then approached us for stills from our footage.   Also photographers that do not know the venue are aways on the back foot so far better to book someone who has worked at the venue before – ideally a lot and preferably a recommended supplier !
You really do get what you pay for and I can’t stress how worth it is to spend your money on good photographers and videographers.  After the wedding these are what you take away and have forever.
Here our some top tips and some useful questions to ask…
How experienced are they?
How many weddings have they shot?
Do they know the venue?
Will they come up with imaginative ideas for pictures?
Do you like their style?
Do they carry back up cameras (as we do)?
Make sure they have a strong enough personality to take control of the day without being over bearing.
Do you like them? They will be with you all day.
We have filmed hundreds of weddings and equally worked with as many photographers.  We only recommend a select few and are very happy to share our recommendations with you.