Being asked to write a blog for this website feels a real privilege, especially as I work with plaster and clay rather than behind a lens. I do however work in the business of preserving memories, which is exactly what Cut Above Production specialises in.

The wedding day goes by in a flash but is such an important moment. It represents the beginning of your new life, your commitment and your dedication. Two families becoming one, declaring your love for one another.
If you are anything like me, the little details matter. When my husband and I were looking at the date we wanted to get married, the flowers ended up being a big decider. You see I had a very clear idea that I wanted my bouquet to look like a meadow field. I wanted to have ox eye daisy as part of the table decorations, which gave us a window of May to July. Maybe this sounds strange, but I just had an idea of how I wanted to represent us as a couple in front of all our friends and family.

Spending all this time on the tiny details makes it even more important to get the right photographer or videographer. My wedding was such a blur of nerves and excitement that I can’t remember half the people that were there, apart from when I look back at my photos, then memories come flooding back.

This is what I am doing with Botanical Press, capturing moments that hold memories for people. It is different from a photograph, as within my use of clay and plaster I can capture the exact size and shape and freeze very delicate details, that you can touch. I specialise in taking the details that you spend months thinking about and fossilise them within my artwork.

Since 2018 I have had the privilege of taking people’s very carefully chosen flowers and preserving them.
Turning flowers into piece of art that they can keep forever. One of my happy couples said ‘I love that it can go in any room in the house, and that when people say ‘oh I like that piece of art’, I’ll be able to say, ‘oh yeah they are my wedding flowers!’ – Sarah Clements

My favourite part of creating the artwork for people is seeing them open it. This doesn’t always happen, as some people commission me to create a wedding gift, but when I do, the wow on their face, just lets me know I have brought them back to their big day. Which is what it is all about.